Intermediate filaments in health and disease
Novel developments in biological, physical and chemical technology have contributed to the recent increase in knowledge on the nanomechanics and biological function of the intermediate filament cytoskeleton. A growing group of established and highly talented early-stage researchers from different disciplines are studying how the intermediate filament cytoskeleton contributes to mechanical resistance and mechanoresponsiveness and how mutations in the intermediate filament genes can lead to disease. This conference, with the intermediate filament cytoskeleton as the central theme, will greatly facilitate the integration of the newly acquired knowledge and will enable discussions between experts and students from different disciplines. Furthermore, this meeting will facilitate networking activities to acquire multi-disciplinary skills and competence needed to incite the development of therapies for intermediate filament based diseases.

The following topics will be addressed:


1. Mechanotransduction and cell signalling

2. Intermediate filaments in health and disease

3. Nanomechanical properties and impact on cell mechanics